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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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s coming our lion i way. ♪ [ rock ballad ] ♪ ahh-ah-ah-ahh ♪ ahh-ah-ah-ahh [ announcer ] there's a reason it's become a household name. actually, there are 25. only one vehicle has made car and driver's 10best list a record 25 times. innovative engineering, year after year. ♪ here i am presenting the one. the 34-mile-per-gallon accord. from honda. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a former capitol hill secretary disappears. tonight a key clue and what the case has gotten so much attention. andnth country --
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montgomery county mystery. qaddafi's bold stand. this is abc 7 news at 11:00, is on your side. the interview, the outburst and the broken glass. ons is abc 7 news at 11:00, side >> we begin with a for formerearch capitol hill staffer. emily hershenson was last seen after leavinging her adams morgan home. now the effort to find her has over theickly internet. stephen tschida spoke with her husband. trails is where emily's goes cold. the howard university metro
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station. a good distance from her home. card was used about noon. she is not here. emily hershenson's home, filled friends and family and apprehensions. while dozens of people join in the mother, her husband clings to hope. >> is a horrific experience to endure this. this is totally uncharacteristic for her. unconceivable the us that herwould not come home to daughter. said his wife got up early monday to head up out to work. he said he talked with her 9:00 a.m. she never arrived. the disappearance of a former is capturingry the internet. while a facebook page rapidly
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cannes france. bus stops and shiites. been reaching out to of law enforcement. >>, hershenson said his wife experienced any psychological distress. >> having to go to this, i would t wish it on anybody. it is excruciating. >> tonight the police department been this a critical missing person case. meanwhile, her family and friends hope someone sees a is report and can point them in the right direction ed -- in the right direction. witnesses speak out about murders in montgomery county. men were killed within n olney,f each other i last one about 24 hours ago.
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of the residents community are frightened. live in the neighborhood with the latest. the ball is matched. ?-- the bullets matched that is what police are trying to determine. unusual crimes for olney. montgomery county police have swarmed this normally calm. tonight. while detectives work on for both evidence scenes, trying to figure if there is a link between shooting death of a man last friday and a man who was gunned down in broad daylight is to the afternoon. his family is filled with questions. >> find out why and how come individual, what happened and did not happen to anybody else.
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>> in front of his front door, gedara wasara arriving home. >> he did not have any money on him. was a robbery, i would be skeptical of that. gedara fell on the pavement thisont of the home of man. >> that guy was laying there. it is a shame. i'm only blocks away is where found dead ins his home. he was also shot. the fact that happened twice less than a meek has many stopped. e this cannot happen here. it is shocking. >> no arrests and police are not possible motive. they have talked to witnesses and looking at cameras from nearby businesses. they say they are looking for an
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older model toyota camry, with maryland tags. we're on storm watch tonight. it is dry right now, but that case when you wake up. is here with a look at can expect. >> we have had clouds and cooler air, a pleasant day today. at the live doppler. a few sprinkles around in the , but a batch of green out there, so there are showers way and they will be rain showers. for the day tomorrow, we will continue to see temperatures tomorrow up into the 50's in areas and around our area, probably temperatures will be in the 50's to around 60 degrees, and to our south, quite a range. i will tell you about some coming our way
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for the weekend. we are hearing from the family of the virginia teacher in the disaster in japan. taylor anderson was cordially from the richmond area, and she american of known march 11 earthquake and tsunami. she taught english in ofinomaki, a town north tokyo. she survived the earthquake and students, bute cement --d when the when the tsunami struck. mark qaddafi addresses his country four days into a series of attacks targeting his military. efforts to of a no-flight zone. forces paint a different description of the mission.
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president obama @ declared of the operation a success. >> because of the extraordinary capabilities and valor of our uniform, we already saved lives. ifhillary clinton says even muammar out of the remains in power -- >> we have to separate the two occasion.he the united nations security council resolution was very broad, but explicit, about what was legally authorized by the international community. >> clinton spoke to abc's diane sawyer. >> are you saying the end result that he is out? >> i do not want to make because we are this one step of the time. i do not want to jump beyond where we are right now.
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>> hours earlier, the u.s. their first casualty, f-15 fighter jet, down in libya, the pentagon says failure.chanical remains, somend of these rockets. said "will the feed them." -- we will defeat them." an angle is spending thousands of dollars to publish istumn -- sharron ankle of dollars toands autobiography. a spokesman says the book will life and values. she also says she plans to run seat fromssional northern nevada next year. newbarbara mikulski hit a on powercrack down
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outages. she will testify maryland's public service commission on a thursday. group to put stronger standards in place numerous outages in the d.c. suburbs. mikulski has asked federal officials to look into adopting national standards. the and friends are remembering the life of the first national spelling bee champion. we learned tonight frank new house or died earlier this morning. he won the first national be 1925.ition in he went on to become a patent lawyer, but frank neuhauser of the spelling bees throughout his life. up, the growing battle over a big cell phones merger. plus, the legal alert targeting
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exercise and sex. 7 is on your side with risks by doctors. >> wait until uc what happened by doctors. >> wait until uc what happened after
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a first look at the evidence of chris brown's rampage after "good morning america." we learn what happened after the e brown about the incident of domestic violence rihanna. an anger-ppened was filled fit. it ended with a chair turned to m window and chris brown storming out of abc in new york.
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this morning, chris brown could not escape his past, and when roberts asked the singer a hises of question about past and present relation, and the fact that a restraining from being inhim r presence has been relaxed, asked, he kept his cool on air -- >> have you seen each other? >> but on the inside it appears deal, because after song, brown reportedly went backstage and went berserk. sources, he smashed the way to the then when he and room, he threw a chair to a window. glass falling from abc about times on two 43rd and broadway below. n whatwill be known betwee
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happened between him and rihanna. >> he is a prima donna. he should be expecting to be asked those questions. >> if he did the crime, he needs to take responsibility. , according to the gossip website tmz, braun entered a his account, he is done the pass,e digging up but we celebrate charlie sheen. on your side tonight, if you of shape but plant or have sex, and a published says exercising g sex triples or risk of if you are not insured. doctors say heart patients not abstain from sex like it of overall
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having a heart attack after out or making love is still very low. underside with a wireless is heating up. sprint says it will challenge t-mobile.uisition of sprint says it hurts the industry. it's as the combined entity would hold 79% of the u.s. market. at&t's proposed deal is worth $39 billion. military wives dedicated to our woundedof warriors got a day of rest and relaxation. this was thanks to the yellow ribbon fund. when it enjoyed facials, , pedicures, and a.ssages at a spot >> especially when the first get
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are in the hospital, by their side,g quite texting. >> the yellow ribbon fund gives peppering once a month each time with a new group of caretakers. good for them. what can we get to these caretakers? we can give them a mild day sayrrow, and then, can you blossoms will be ok over the but they will be getering by the time we into saturday and sunday. the center outside not and high was a little bit e average, 60's. still now a balmy 52 degrees. cherry blossom and snow lovers, snow here in washington. i do not think we will be seeing will itthe weekend be called. ofk at the range temperatures. is classic for march.
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detroit, 45, indianapolis, 74 degrees. was close to a record in city, and look at the chicago, 33, indianapolis now, 66, and still in this is the cost and 70's in the deep south. this is the time of year when we a contrasting air masses and atmosphere, and west is some violent weather. area of snow that is pennsylvania, and continue moving our but we are on the south side, and what we will see is the west,rs, but to violent thunderstorms. that area of stormiest and on edge of it will be coming way as we get in through the hours. overnight tonight, there is a batch of showers coming to on and off. that will be lifting to our north by tomorrow morning.
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the afternoon, the trailing comes our way. we may see afternoon thunderstorms of our own. the range of temperatures. tomorrow when you get up, temperatures will be in the 40's. afternoon, 50 in washington, but frederick's 70, 72 degrees at the same time. only the 40's to our north. after the storm in the moves by, be some, there will over cold air coming in on northwesterly winds. weekend, a little bit of trade a fewy last showers tomorrow. .smperatures into the 40 we get into sunshine, but chile thursday, and also friday, by late friday and saturday, it could be struck me any event,de, but i do not see any winter weather
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for us. look at the high temperatures e weekend, and sunday only degrees. it is not going to damage
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you never know where k actorly out of wor charlie sheen will show up. this show audience on applause when he a surprise appearance. blew kisses to the audience and then planted one on a very jimmy kimmel. aen charlie sheen passed out sheen-branded t-shirts. >> i know you were staying up watching that last night. did watch the caps tonight.
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and watch the savings rack up. we get to visit with our friends. the kids get to visit with their frien,, and we're doing it so low budget. that works for me. more savings every time you shop with your giant caca. the toyota sports desk, brought by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. what a night in preview of the
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because the caps and went after each other tonight. the capitals on the power play. here he goes, look out, yes, sir. 0, capitals. three unanswered goals by philadelphia. the flyers led 4-3. n the third, even a goal they -- to extend the game. scores, the game tied at 4-4 s.rett in a shootout. the capitals lead. church town women, it was an performance -- women, it was an
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incredible performance root the lady hoyas, 13-25. the lady terps had no answers. georgetown beat maryland. >> without a doubt, sugar of the was the star night. she shot a 7% from three-point land and finished the game with 34 points. i knew we was hot. we just knew it was on. >> sugar was sensational. she was in the sun. she could not desperate we try send as many people as we could after, and she did a tremendous job. man, i wast 16, oh, elated. i love my girls.
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it was an incredible performance. >> thank you. georgetown advances to the sweet uconn sundayl play in philadelphia. 22nd straight victory. baseball, with opening day nine away, the nationals got six innings today, and they beat the astros 7-2. they are now 12-12 for the spring. very good. very improved ball club. the hoyas.appy about
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another mile day to the south, culpeper, further further--
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